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BioSurf Novel Tx30


BioSurf TX 30 is a naturally derived modified organic polymer derived from various renewable sources. This organic biopolymer is readily cold water dispersible so that no pre-mixes are needed. The biopolymer can also be added to the oil phase or to adjust batch properties at the end of production.

Because of its nonionic character and broad compatibility, organic biopolymer provides the formulator with the flexibility to formulate over a broad pH range (3-11) with high amounts of mono- and polyvalent salts (up to 40%) and a large variety of raw materials. Creating all natural, elegant formulations is now possible with the use of BioSurf M30 organic biopolymer.

Application Areas

BioSurf TX 30 directly aims at replacing ethoxylates, alkyl polyglucosides, ester oleates & ester quats used for textile applications, degreasing, emulsification & wetting requirements.Other applied areas include dispersant chemicals, emulsion forming solutions, pesticides and herbicides adjuvant molecules. Different grade of polymer is also suitable for enzyme supporting emulsions for textile and paper industry.


Feature Novel Bio Surf Significance
Physical Form [ 23Deg C] Liquid Viscous light brown
Deg of Esterification/ mole Maleic Ester >25
Pthalic Ester >15
Greater number of ester groups impart higher surface active properties and comfort to regulate HLB values to form emulsion and bring detergency.
Acid Value ( mgKOH/gm ) 28-40 Shows the non-ionic character.
Concentration >80% Percentage of active matter. Significantfor selling cost determination
Average molar mass [g/mol] 5340 Bigger molecule has more free –OH groups which are responsible for detergency.
Ph[ 5%] Aqueous 2-3 Mildness to cloth.
Interfacial Surface Tension [1% aq, 23Deg C ] dyne/cm 32 A better surfactant would decrease the surface tension of the solution.
Hydroxyl Number[mg KOH/kg] >125 Hydroxyl number imparts higher detergency action.
HLB ratio 12.5-14.5 14-15 must be the ideal number
Foam Height [mm, 26eg C ]2% solution. 100-200 Under ross miller testing equipment Low foam height requires low water for processing
Operating Temperature Range [Deg C] -5 to 90 Range of temperatures under which it provides cleaning impact.
Viscosity @ 30 deg C by Ford Cup method 4 [ CentiPoise] 514 ( 145-160 secs) Viscosity can be modified as required.
Molecular Weight [daltons] 5140-5440 Greater Molecular weight means Higher Functional Groups.
Cloud Point [EN 1890] Deg C 100 The range under which the surfactant can provide cleaning efficacy.
Emulsificiation Index (ASTMD E24 method) 80% Tested on castor oil, Mustard Oil & coconut oil.
Anti-Re Deposition Micro Emulsion film formation Prevents the dirt re settling on cloth while washing.
Cationic Exchange / Calcium & Magnesium ion binding 100 PPM drop / ( 10gm in 1000ml hard water) Cation binding by strong chelation and complexation of polymer with calcium / magnesium ions.



Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit
Cold water-swellable Outstanding dispersability and viscosity build in cold water; improved efficiencies can be achieved in manufacturing and formulation development
Nonionic Compatibility with other ingredients offers formulation flexibility. Can be used with a wide range of other raw materials like oils, emollients, cationic ingredients as well as silicones, UV filters, vitamins, botanical extracts, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, dihydroxyacetone, mono- and polyvalent salts, fragrances and dyes. However protection against exposure to acids must be maintained.
Shear thinning Extremely shear thinning, with rapid viscosity recovery, suitable for emulsion in spray or pump delivery
pH stability Suitable for systems in a broad pH range from pH 3 to ph 11.
Salt tolerant Stable in the presence of high electrolyte levels (20 %).
Commercial benefit Costs half the price for expensive Ethoxylates(9.5 mole) eg Berol 626, Alphox.

Novel TX 30 BioSurf for Textile processing Applications

The applications for Novel TX 30 also include textile desizing for starch, enzyme delivery into the micro fibers of the fabric, mercerizing preparation & emulsification of spinning oil from the fabric while processing before dyeing.

Comparison of Performance

Parameter Berol 260
C9-11 + 4EO
Berol 266
C9-11 + 5.5EO
Berol 840
C8+ 4EO
Ethylan 1003
C10 + 3.3 EO
Novel TX 30
Cloud Point 55-59 Deg C 55-58 Deg C ` 49-54 Deg C 31-34 Deg C 47-53 Deg C
HLB 10.5 12.1 11.5 9.8 12.5

Emulsification Comparison

*Automobile grease emulsified is the amount (gms) of grease emulsified by 500 ml of 5% solution of surfactant. Novel Tx 30 was used while maintaining a
minimum ph of 8.5
**Interfacial solution measured for 1 % solution. Novel TX 30 after neutralization and at ph of 8.5

Recommended Dosage levels of Novel TX 30 as follows:

  • Enzyme delivery >3gm/ltr
  • Emulsification & degreasing > 2.5 gm/ltr ( at Ph 8.5 of solution)
  • Mercerizing >2 gm/ltr ( ph8.5)
  • Washing unreacted Dyes> 4 gm/ltr ( ph 8.5)


  • 30KG in HDPE jerrycan.
  • 300kg in HDPE drum.
  • Bulk Quantities in tanker.

Storage & Handling
BioSurf Novel Tx 30 can be stored at 5 to 70Deg C with retention in its physico chemical properties. The Storage does not require inert atmosphere or free of sunlight. The shelf life of Bio Surf TX 30 is six months with no alteration in claimed properties.

Hazards Identification
Human health effect
Neutral, non-contagious & safe to human touch. Non-invasive when in contact with direct exposure to human skin.
Ecological effect: Safe towards ecology and environmental issues due to being from plant origin.

First Aid Measures
Health effects and symptoms: Safe to Human exposure.
Skin contact : Non Invasive
Eye contact: rinse immediately & ensure medical attention.
Ingestion: Does not induce vomiting. Ensure medical attention.

Fire Fighting Measures
This product is non-combustible, not feed the burning.

Accidental release Measures
Handling: Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Avoid inhalation of dust.
Personal protection: Use rubber gloves, goggles, body-covering protective clothing and respirator. Environmental protection: Avoid soil and water pollution.
Refine methods: Collect spilled material in containers. Avoid contact with water not to form alkaline pool. Especially avoid waterways pollution.

Exposure Controls & Personal Protection
Exposure controls and personal protection:
Engineering protect agents: Ventilation to maintain breezy and dry room
Respiratory protection: Respirator
Hand protection: Rubber gloves
Eye protection: Goggles
Body protection: Body-covering clothing
Preventive measures: - Equip storage and work zones with eye cleaning device.

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